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2012 report Bund 2012/10

In 2004 the Peering Point Betriebs GmbH was established to provide an effective and secure IT network for the operation of the e-card (a smart card which replaced health insurance vouchers in the course of the introduction of the electronic administration system) and other services in health care. Since its foundation the company has suffered losses. Net losses were covered by the two owners – the Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions and the Austrian Medical Chamber – to 50 % each, and since 2011 in a proportion of 60 to 40. The Main Association failed to give an objective justification for the amount of service charges paid by the Main Association and the allocation of losses.

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- A concept to ensure a better use of the IT network by value-added services and measures to reduce expenditure was lacking.

- Revenue from so-called value added services (e.g. transfer of diagnostic findings) did not provide for a contribution margin sufficient enough for a positive result.

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