Swiss Federal Audit Office


Does the Admin PKI correspond to the original objectives and the needs of the Federal Administration and the Cantons? Read full text in English

2010 report 1.7385.609.00214.02

The SFAO has audited the Admin PKI, the basic infrastructure and offering for the issuing of digital certificates within the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT). The examination concentrated on assessing the development and current operation as well as future prospects. Admin PKI refers to all processes and the hardware and software needed for issuing certificates of different grades.

In the report: part 4.1 Coordination and technical fundamentals (page 9)

- lack of clear strategy on how the services are provided by Government agencies

- unbalanced relation between two major stakeholders-coordinators

- Conflict of opinions between major stakeholders, which resulted in stopping the project

The risk cases visible on this page are collected and described by the e-Government Subgroup of the EUROSAI IT Working Group in contact with author Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI). In the same way, analytical assumptions and headings are chosen by the Subgroup. We encourage you to read the original texts by SAIs - to be found in the linked files.