Nejvyšší kontrolní úřad

Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ)

Ministry of Education realized corrective measures incorrectly Read full summary in English

2007 report 06/35

The audited bodies were Ministry of Education (ME), Ministry of Informatics (MI), Institute for Educational Information, regional authorities of Liberec and Plzeň, and 42 chosen primary, secondary, and high schools, as well as some other educational facilities. (See the complete list of chosen schools enclosed to the audit report.).

In the report page 1

- finance guarantee documentations for separate projects were incomplete

- programmes approved in 2001 were not included into the system for project funding

- incorrect placement of the public orders

In the report page 1

- sudden termination of the project will bring an additional charge, which most schools could not have taken into account

- design delivered by an outside contractor did not meet defined requirements

- additional cost had to be paid

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