National Audit Office of Estonia (RK)

Submission of data to national databases in municipalities, towns and cities Read full summary in English

2013 report 2-1.9/13/50063/32

The National Audit Office analysed the activities of the database managers following a ruling made by the Supreme Court in 2010, which stated that the public functions assigned to local authorities must be clearly financed from the state budget. It was also assessed whether the measures taken by database managers have been sufficient to guarantee that local authorities submit all required data and that these data are correct.

In the report: part 1-2 paragraph (first- thirdkey observation) (page 2-3)

- - local authorities are not compensated for expenses related to submitting data to national databases - in some cases there are lack of automatic controls over completeness of data

- Some data submitted by local authorities is missisng from public databases.

The risk cases visible on this page are collected and described by the e-Government Subgroup of the EUROSAI IT Working Group in contact with author Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI). In the same way, analytical assumptions and headings are chosen by the Subgroup. We encourage you to read the original texts by SAIs - to be found in the linked files.