Audit to the Social Security Systems of Collection of Contributions and Quotes and Relationship with Banking and other Entities Engaged in Collection Initiatives Read full summary in English

2008 report 53/2008-2

The audit aims to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes implemented in respect of the processing schemes of contributions/quotas, whose Wages Statements (WS) entered into the system in the first quarter of 2007, test the reliability, stability and confidence level of the application systems developed and the respective values processed in the entire collection circuit and respective accounting, and also check compliance with the contracts celebrated with banking entities.

In the report: part Contribution processes (page 2)

- transfer of data between the different application systems

- duplication of the contributions/quotas statements or the lack of update with respect to payments

In the report: part Overall conclusions (page 2)

- the IT processes are not adequately managed and that the controls set up on the contribution processes show some limitations

- it is not possible to ensure the entirety and accuracy of the contributions/quotas and payments reflected under the current account and therefore recorded in the Financial Information System

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