Swedish National Audit Office (RiR)
Unknown errors

"Lack of knowledge concerning the existence and consequences of errors Swedish Customs states that the focus of control should be based on an assessment of where the greatest risks exist."

"the knowledge of Swedish Customs concerning the volume of smuggling in various goods and traffic flows is relatively low, particularly regarding illegal import of weapons."

4 review the process of risk assessment and access to follow-up information in order to ensure that control is developed and focused so as to provide the greatest benefit
Acquiring knowledge

"the strategic intelligence work tasked with acquiring knowledge of various risk areas has a limited impact on the focus of control activities."

1 increase knowledge of the volume of illegal importation of goods, develops cost-benefit calculations for more types of goods and clarifies the role of strategic intelligence activities
Different areas to cover

"the work in KCAU is spread among several different areas, which limits the scope for methodological development and concerted action on high priority risks."

"Now when the work is to be transferred to the KCAU, there is a risk that some of the success factors will disappear, despite a clear ambition at management level to avoid this."

"It is not possible to ensure that the most important proposals are not given low priority."

"with some exceptions Swedish Customs in general has access to the tools (regulatory framework, technology, competence etc) needed to deal with high-priority control areas."

2 improves the ability to evaluate the result of KCAU's intelligence and reviews their function in order to improve conditions for methodological development and concerted action in priority areas
Risky area beyond focus

"there are no equivalent cost-benefit analyses for other types of seizure, such as weapons and goods that infringe product safety or intellectual property rules."

"There are also measures which could improve the control possibilities of border security, for example concerning checks on the trains across the Sound (Öresund)."

"One development that has not, however, led to any extensive measures is the increased use of illegal firearms."

3 evaluate the result of work in relation to firearms and examines the possibility of taking steps to increase the number of seizures

In light of the important public service Swedish Customs’ controls constitute and the difficulties encountered by the agency, the Swedish National Audit Office (NAO) considers it justified to audit whether the control activities are designed effectively.

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