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Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA)

Prevention Activities Against Traffic Accidents Read full summary in English

2008 report 5216/1

Performance Audit Studies covering certain IT Issues related to Prevention Activities Against Traffic Accidents. It aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of prevention activities against traffic accidents, which are dramatically leading to loss of life and property. Examination and evaluation of the Traffic Information Systems (TIS) under the traffic control headline. TIS' main purpose is to conduct the traffic control activities efficiently with the help of systematic data. Objective of this audit was to contribute to the continuous improvement of prevention activities against traffic accidents dramatically leading to loss of life and property.

In the report page 12

- GSM network could not be established at every point or was interrupted.

- Only a digital map covering the whole country was prepared, the GIS and the digital maps at provincial level was not prepared.

- Laptops were not used actively due to the facts that batteries did not last long. There were difficulties in integration of laptops to patrol cars.

- It was not possible to modernize traffic controls' system, as it was designed.

In the report page 9

- Traffic and first aid lessons in schools are instructed by teachers that have not received education on traffic safety.

- For traffic and first aid lessons, assistance of trainers (coordinators) trained in traffic safety within the scope of PITS project was not taken sufficiently.

- Training provided at motor vehicle driving courses is not effective in training trainees as safe drivers in traffic

- Traffic accidents dramatically leading to loss of life and property

In the report page 16

- Personnel in charge of application of traffic signage standards do not have sufficient training for this position.

- In 2004, certain traffic signs were added to existing standards, some were excluded while symbols of some were changed within the framework of harmonization with international standards; however, public is not informed about these changes sufficiently.

- In 2006, 11 154 accidents happened at locations where there were road-maintenance and repair works. Similarly, according to statistics for the same year, at 1 172 accidents, traffic lights were dysfunctional and 237 accidents occurred when ambient illumination was improper.

- Accidents

In the report page 9

- Planning of traffic controls is not based on measurable objectives and targets. Different characteristics of local circumstances are not fully taken into account and team activities are not effectively monitored.

- Controls undertaken at provinces located on same routes are not conducted with coordination and cooperation.

- Whether the equipment allocated by General Directorate of Security Affairs to traffic units is effectively used during traffic controls is not monitored.

- No prioritization is made among traffic stations located at risky areas with strategic importance and those located at routes with less traffic accidents.

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