33 organisations provided 596 risk-cases in 170 reports

Sweden 16-51

IT Support in the Judicial Chain

Correct information at the right time in healthcare and nursing – collaboration without effect?

The National Government Service Centre – Has administration become more effective?

Difficulties in achieving appropriate IT security 2016
Information security work at nine agencies

Incorrect payments in social insurance - Control activities of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Quality of population register 2017
Population registration - uphill quality work

Supply of food and medicinal products 2018
Supply of food and medicinal products

Protection of valuable forest 2018
The protection of valuable forest

Migration activities can be a subject to fraud 2018
Protection against fraud in migration activities at missions abroad

Avoid mistakes in housing allowance recovery 2018
Recovery of housing allowance - easy to make mistakes

Cooperation between Police and Security Service 2018
For the sake of security – intelligence sharing between the Police Authority and the Swedish Security Service

Municipal accounting: more standardized or more controlled 2018
The Annual Municipal Accounts as a basis for comparing municipalities - are the cost indicator reliable?

How to pay for higher education institutions' premises 2018
Higher education institutions' provision of premises- room for improvement

Robust internal control required to manage innovations 2018
The Swedish Transport Administrations support to research and innovation

The Art of Influencing cultural institutions 2019
The Art of Governing – the Government’s management of cultural sector institutions

It is better to know your own errors 2019
Swedish Customs control – an accurate enterprise?

USA 22-94

Basics of electronic records management 2003
Electronic Records. Management and Preservation Pose Challenges

Software Developement Effective Practices and Federal Chalenges in Applying Agile Methods

Information Technology Cost Estimation Agencies Need to Address Significant Weakness in Policies and Practices

Massive modernization effort needs coordination 2012
Improved Planning and Performance Measures Are Needed to Help Ensure Successful Technology Modernization

Copyright Office Needs to Develop Plans that Address Technical and Organizational Challenges

Refinement of decision-making processes 2015
ACQUISITION REFORM: DOD Should Streamline Its Decision-Making Process for Weapon Systems to Reduce Inefficiencies

Be aware of legacy IT risks 2016
Federal Agencies Need to Address Aging Legacy Systems

Controls in emergency management 2016
FEMA Needs to Address Management Weaknesses to Improve Its Systems

Internal control weaknesses may put mission at risk 2016
Federal Human Resources Data

Human resources IT investments get stuck in management's lack of interest 2016
Homeland Security. Oversight of Neglected Human Resources Information Technology Investment Is Needed

How to invest efficiently in IT 2016
OMB and Agencies Need to Focus Continued Attention on Implementing Reform Law

Opportunities Exist for SEC to Improve Its Controls over Financial Systems and Data

VETERANS’ HEALTH CARE - Preliminary Observations on VHA’s Claims Processing Delays and Efforts to Improve the Timeliness of Payments to Community Providers

Green Book can help in broadband development 2017
RURAL BROADBAND DEPLOYMENT: Improved Consistency with Leading Practices Could Enhance Management of Loan and Grant Programs

Non-Acquisition staff can be crucial for acquisition 2019
Steps Needed to Identify Acquisition Training Needs for Non-Acquisition Personnel

Inefficient use of data 2019
Opportunities Exist for FAA to Improve Airport Terminal Area Safety Efforts

Difficulties after 30 years of decentralized development 2019
Electronic Health Records - VA Needs to Identify and Report Existing System Costs

Pandemic points up weaknesses of procurement solutions 2019
VA ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT: Supply Chain Management and COVID-19 Response

Overview of the response to the COVID-19 2020
GAO-20-701, COVID-19: Federal Efforts Could Be Strengthened by Timely and Concerted Actions

Successful broadband delivery with challenges 2020
Broadband: Observations on Past and Ongoing Efforts to Expand Access and Improve Mapping Data

Automated transportation holds promises, but also safety challenges 2020
AUTOMATED TECHNOLOGIES: DOT Should Take Steps to Ensure Its Workforce Has Skills Needed to Oversee Safety

Auditor’s look at AI solutions 2021
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: An Accountability Framework for Federal Agencies and Other Entities